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Pull, Push Approach - Two Approaches To Seeking Employment

"Push Approach" - the traditional approach where you send a resume to a potential employer.

"Pull Approach" - where you pull potential employers to your professional website.

The traditional way of seeking employment, where you find a job posting, submit your resume and cover letter, and wait for a response is highly inefficient – even with rapid adoption of web services that support this method, such as MonsterJobs and CareerBuilder. Think about how much extra time and resources must go into hiring a candidate through the traditional process, an employer must: post a position on various job boards, wait weeks until satisfied with a pool of candidates, and review plenty of one-dimensional resumes.

With a properly built search mechanism, on both an external and internal platform, an employer can have a targeted list of candidates in a manner of hours using a pull approach. And in theory, if every individual has a professional website (like they have a resume), and it is properly indexed by a search engine, an employer never worries they did not get an ideal pool of candidates. Another inefficiency of the traditional process is employers may not get the most talented candidates because the candidates never found the job listing. However, we are years away before having this type of search engine in place; so you should make finding employment the traditional way a priority.

The other major advantage of a pull approach is potential employers are drawn to much more functional platform to make employment evaluations. A professional website has digital media, communication and searching interactivity, use of skill sets, and many other features – why it can be refered to as a “multi-dimensional resume”. Although this can be mitigated by linking back to your professional website when you apply to jobs through traditional ways.

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Advantages For A Professional

  • Increased exposure to opportunities missed in a job listing directory.
  • Widens the spectrum of your employment possibilities.
  • “Casual employment seeking” is easier with a “pull approach”.
  • Advantageous to view a professional website versus a resume.
  • Professional website is an identity. Less managing profiles and resume across platforms.

The effectiveness of a pull approach hinges on whether employers actively seek out candidates and a survey was conducted to learn more about this tendency. Here were some of the open-ended responses: